Monday, October 20, 2008


School has started...... Brian is doing awesome and everything is moving along we just take one day at a time. Seth is on A/B honor roll and Sam is doing great in school as well, having a hard time managing his time imagine that. Patrick is 6 months old where has the time gone????? He is up to 16 pounds now and we are having so much fun with all 3 of our boys, we went to Boo at the Zoo this weekend and painted pumpkins, I refused to let Sam be Spiderman for the 4th year in a row so he is Ironman and Seth is some kind of creepy skeleton thing at 9 most other costumes seem to babyish.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It has been a few days since last I wrote, but that certainly doesn't mean that there was nothing to write about. From being accepted to a graduate program to moving, to vacations, and slip'n'slides it has certainly been fast pace. We just got back from Ft. Walton Beach, down at the family house, and it was all 3 boys' first time. Fishing and snorkeling, swimming and boogie-boarding, boat rides and newly met family members are just a bit of what went on. From sun-up to after sun-down we were moving at mach speed, well, except for that glorious hour of rest right after lunch. Patrick was a little unsure at first of the bayou water (a bit cooler that his normal bath temp) but as we kept him in it, I think he took right to it. All the way back, Seth and Sam kept talking about "next year", and it all works out, we'll be right back there. I've been going since before I was born, so it was amazing for me to share that with my boys!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day is growing

It was a beautiful weekend. Paul, Stacy and Baby Sarah came down to Birmingham for a friend's wedding, and it was the first time the baby cousins were able to meet, and you know that's just a photo-op waiting to happen. I'm sure they thought the paparazzi was back. It was a full house and there were Mothers and gifts and homemade cards all weekend long. In our family we are truly blessed to have such awesome Mommy's, and three generations together.

Patrick is getting huge (well in my eyes). His visit with Doc this morning he is,(at 1 Month (I know, I can't believe it either)) 9 1/4 lbs, and about 21 inches. WOW! And he's every bit of wonderful. I don't have words to describe how grateful I am to be able to be with him each day. We have fun; watching our favorite shows, learning to play the guitar, singing, trying to find our hairbrush, taking care of Gypsy, waiting for Mommy to come home to us, taking field trips, (well those are limited for a couple more weeks), but talking about what we will do, and sometimes just watching each other. Well, it's usually me watching him. But I'll tell you, and you might be able to relate; that eye lock, when he is eating is something that I will never forget (well for one, there's MANY pictures to record it). We are trying to enjoy and be IN each moment, whatever it is. ...can you tell?...I love being a Daddy!

In front of Papa Joe's Tree on Mother's Day
Mama C and her boys, holding each other's baby
The Mothers
The new donut pillow
Another silly face

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

With the weather being as nice as it has been, we thought it was high time that we all went out to play. So the whole family got in the van with bike's, trolley (our name for the baby stroller), Frisbee's, baseballs, gloves and cameras ready to go. The boys were out of school Friday so we headed to Tannehill State Park. Everyone, including Patrick was excited to be there (despite what seemed like the eternal nap). We rode bikes, played on the playground and walked about and learned all about the furnaces and what they were used for, and even climbed down into them. Saturday was just as great, so we walked to the park just down the street, where Gypsy ran free and Frisbee's flew through the air. The trolley seemed to be the ideal transport for both places and, as shown, Patrick was just as content as could be. I think he's already comfortable with being a part of our outdoors family. I'm sure that a camping trip isn't too far off now. Seth and Sam are awesome "biggest" and big brothers, making sure that Patrick is watching and learning everything there is to know.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I never thought that I would be the mom of 3. It is amazing to think that God can give you three perfect healthy little boys....let's make that 4 boys. It is so unbelievable you hold that first newborn and you think he is the most beautiful baby in the world, and that you could never love anyone else as much. Then number 2 comes along and you feel it all over again. Five years later here I am again and suprise, suprise. I think he is the most beautiful perfect baby and how could I love anyone anymore than him except, his Brothers of course and his Daddy.I realize everyday how blessed I am to have all of them.

All Around

I wish there was a way to know what this little guy was thinking and dreaming about. I see these faces and I think I'm sure that he knows what is going on. Some of my favorite moments are those minutes right after he has eaten and falling asleep. I counted about 15 different expressions. He is content, well he is only 6 days old, a majority of the time and is so curious about learing his surroundings. One thing if for sure, he loves to be with people, and of course loves his Mommy and Daddy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

First visit with Doc

We just back from Patrick's first pediatrician visit and boy was that fun! He does great in the car (so far), and enjoys the attention from everyone around. I think he'll be quite a social animal. All of his numbers are just right, and he's grown an entire 3/4 inches since Monday. I'm no expert, but I think that's pretty awesome. However when Doc first walked in, he looked at the examination table, and "thought Patrick looked a little thin" (see picture). We are home now for some much deserved rest.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Starting Out

Here we are... in the infant stages (no pun intended) of this our blog. Be sure to watch for updates and news often.

Initial Slide Show